Music at the Frontiers of Artificial Creativity and Criticism

Artificial intelligence (Ai) is an especially disruptive technology, impacting a growing number of domains in ways both beneficial and detrimental. It is even showing surprising impacts in the Arts, provoking questions fundamental to philosophy, law, and engineering, not to mention practices in the Arts themselves. MUSAiC is an interdisciplinary research venture confronting questions and challenges at the frontier of the AI disruption of music.



Sturm delivers invited talks to Traditions in TransitionTranscultural Technologies for Creative Expression“, and STS Italia 2021 “Effect of dataveillance on artistic and cultural production: Exploiting user data to shape user preferences and create new content”. Video for STS Italia.

Sturm invited to deliver keynote to Audio Mostly 2021. The talk highlights the MUSAiC project, its outcomes so far, and what the future holds for traditional music.

The Ai Music Generation Challenge 2021 has begun! Watch this video to get an idea of the kind of music this challenge entails.

Two papers accepted at the AI Music Creativity 2021 conference: Huang and Sturm, “Reframing ‘Aura’: Authenticity in the Application of Ai to Irish Traditional Music”; and Sturm, “An Artificial Critic of Irish Double Jigs”. See also: “58,105 Irish-style Double Jigs“.

Smootzieg (2020-2020)

A MUSAiC team entered a song – “Evigt Förlorad (Forever Lost)” – into the 2021 AI Song Contest. Out of 38 entries, our song placed third with the jury, and fifth overall. It was also mentioned in a NY Time article, Robots Can Make Music, but Can They Sing?


The Ai Music Generation Challenge 2020 was a success! Tunes generated by seven Ai systems were evaluated by four Irish traditional music experts, and two winners were picked and performed.

Poetic research blog launched: Tunes from the Ai Frontiers. This is a personal exploration of machine-generated folk music, and how it fits with my practice of Irish traditional music.

The 2020 Joint Conference on AI Music Creativity – the kickoff event of MUSAiC – brought together two overlapping research forums for a week-long virtual conference involving over 200 participants around the world. Here are technical and logistical details about how I ran the conference online.

“Music from EDSAC” (circa 1960) by D. G. Champernowne, rediscovered and performed. This is a string quartet composed from material generated by a computer in the UK.

MUSAiC is a project that has received funding from the European Research Council under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (Grant agreement No. 864189).